Working primarily as an oil painter, Iā€™m interested in both the history of the medium and how this material can be translated to a contemporary context, seeking to create a dialogue with painting and the intersection between this traditional media and our current digital culture. My work is inspired by historical images and compositional devices, the language of portraiture and figuration, and explores art tropes and archetypes in a pointedly experimental and sometimes surrealist fashion. With recent works such as Super Cool Party People, I seek to exploit the beauty and drama as well as the humor and weirdness found in Old Master works, translating the dynamic compositions and densely packed figures from their original contexts to a party-like atmosphere. Jarringly bright neon colors, gold leaf submerged in puddles of paint, and figures literally dripping off the canvas, these paintings are hopefully funny, sometimes pretty, oftentimes nauseating, and always weird.

Nicole Trimble is Assistant Professor of Electronic Media Communications at the University of Cincinnati Blue Ash College as well as co-founder of Bright Wall Collective, a mural and design studio based out of Southwest Ohio. Her studio practice is grounded in oil painting and observation of the human figure while exploring ways this traditional medium can intersect with electronic media such as photography, video and digital imaging. Her work has been exhibited in galleries throughout the United States and in publications such as Movers & Makers, AEQAI, Studio Visit and Professional Artist Magazine. She holds a BFA in painting and printmaking from Miami University, and an MFA from the University of Cincinnati's College of DAAP. She currently lives and works in Cincinnati, OH. 


For inquires, please email b.nicole.trimble@gmail.com.